What will a Free Walking Tour be like? (04)

walking tour 04
Hanoi Free Walking Tour 04

This is a tour diary report that we want tourists to have a further view towards how a particular free walking tour is conducted.

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Our negotiated time was 9:00 am on July 08, 2016 at Essence d’Orient Hotel & Spa, 22A Tạ Hiện, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội. Our guests this time were a Australian family whose parents were so crazily careful for their 3 kids that we felt really admirable for their familyship. Although we had to wait for a while because of their booking for their trip to Sapa at night with the receptionists of the hotel, it was a beautiful start of the free walking tour – a dry day in the raining season without much sunshine walking right from the international cross street called Ta Hien.

The Old Quarter

They’re history lovers, so the White Horse Temple was the best for the beginning of our free walking tour to explore the history of the city right from the early time when King Ly Thai To moved the  capital of the country to currently Hanoi, whose age is more than 1000 years. The modern history was told in the house at 48 Hang Ngang where we got a chance to see the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam written by President Ho Chi Minh.

walking tour 04
The working room of President Ho Chi Minh in 48 Hang Ngang

French Quarter

Curious about the French war time in Vietnam, our guests were led into the French Quarter towards the Hoa Lo Prison. Howerver, the Restored Sword Lake was an “unskippable” site that any visitor dont want to miss when staying in Hanoi.

walking tour 04
How could we skip this beautiful cathedral?

Walking & sharing are always a best way to enjoy the free walking tour and get us more closely. At each site we share different relating stories, and religious habit was one of those when we visited the oldest cathedral in Hanoi.

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walking tour 04
My company guiding our guests in Hoa Lo prison

Those kids were said to swim very well, but I saw they were excellent at walking too. We conquered all the famous French streets with famous sites such as Hoa Lo prison, Opera House, Trang Tien Ice-cream street, Frog Garden, and Ly Thai To Garden.

walking tour 04
Of course, we can’t miss those coolest ice-creams of Hanoi

At the end, we came back to the Old Quarter to try the famous street Banh Mi of Hanoi which was also a treat of the guests to us as a thank for the free walking tour.

For us, as a tourguide, we’re always willing to share about our culture if there’re people who think “though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me”. Stay curious & enjoy what life gives!

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