What will a Free Walking Tour be like? (03)

walking tour 03
Hanoi Free walking tour 03

This is a tour diary report that we want tourists to have a further view towards how a particular free walking tour is conducted.

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Our negotiated time was 2:00 pm on July 06, 2016 at Indochina Queen II, 67 Thuốc Bắc, Hàng Bồ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội. It was such an unpredictable day when it could suddenly rain at any moment that we tour guides got quite worried about whether the tour was possible. Therefore, we contacted the hotel to remind our guests, 2 teen girls from the UK, to bring along a raincoat for sure. Our beginning was quite fluently when we met and started the free walking tour on time.

White Horse Temple

The White Horse Temple was our first destination of the free walking tour. While walking towards the temple, we had a chance to share our daily life, especially the weather which is drizzling all the time in the UK, so it didn’t matter them to walk under the rain like that.

walking tour 03
Inside the White Horse Temple

One lesson learnt is never to leave any of your stuff off the ground when around the tourist site. There’s a likelihood that legendary stories of the attraction swallow all your mind and you suddenly forget what you just put off. That was what happened to us. The little girl from the land of fog had left the umbrella at the temple when we were conquering our free walking tour, but luckily we came back and found it.

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Quan Chuong Gate

walking tour 03
Hang Chieu street where Quan Chuong gate is located

We got a gorgeous uniform of the free walking tour for each with our own favorite color. Sudden rain came with sudden heaviness. However, we still conquered already the more two amazing sites which are Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural and a far look towards the oldest brigde in Hanoi named Long Bien.

walking tour 03
Our good-bye selfie

They said they just came in the morning without any sleep and lunch; additionally, the unpredictable heavy rain knocked them down. Safety is best, so we finished the tour by some walk around ancient streets in the Old Quarter that led us back to their hotel so that they could refresh their bodies and prepare for their exploration along in Vietnam.

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