The peace of Hanoi in the early autumner

The peace of Hanoi in the early autumner
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When the yellow dracontomelon row across crocodile with some small Com burden appears on the streets, the autumn is coming in Hanoi – The capital of Vietnam.

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The peace of Hanoi in the early autumner

Visiting Hanoi these days, visitors will feel the sense of peace and liberation in every alley. Fall comes bringing people indescribable emotion.

The peace of Hanoi in the early autumner The peace of Hanoi in the early autumner

Probably Hanoi is the most beautiful in summer with its features are engraved in the heart of each person living here. Hiking and breathe fresh air in the morning on the streets of the old town is an experience you should not ignore. The old house timeless and several bicycle loaded with flowers will give you a lot of inspiration.

Occasionally, some rain come and go suddenly. Meanwhile, the streets began to quiet. Sitting in the Dinh or Xoan Cafe’, you will smell the moss do so characteristic of this ancient homes.

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The symbols of Hanoi's autunm

Hanoi fall also characterized by the roadside milk flowers or Com vendors everywhere. You can ride the motorbike around the West Lake at any time. The cold wind blowing straight stormed milk floral to your nose will make you unforgettable. Or simply the streets filled with gold leaves is enough to make you feel great.

In the evening, visitors can stroll under Phan Dinh Phung and Tran Hung Dao, Hoang Dieu street to feel the fresh air and gentle that makes all sadness as vanish.

Che sen long nhan Che sen long nhan

Travelers can also sit near the Cathedral of iced tea and enjoy the lively atmosphere but with a feeling that is hard to find anywhere else. Just to rush hours, when cars and motorbikes still crowded the streets, church bells poured like a fresh breeze blowing your mind.

Enjoy a cup of lotus tea or a piece of com in the early autumn days will help you feel fuller for a new season. Che sen long nhan (longan lotus soup) with enough sweetness, fleshy attractions are perfect in autumn. The pupils often whisper to visit Thien Quang street or Hang Bac Street to eat this dish.

There are many interesting things to discover the fall in Hanoi. You will see a deep, calming more and more placid Hanoi. And so, the new season coming crept gently on each street that leave in the tourists emotional outpouring.