Free Walking Tour Diary (05)

Free Walking Tour Diary (05)
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Walking tour always seems to be the best way to experience every single moments of this hustling and bustling city from ancient buildings in the Old Quarter to modernized houses and streets at the French Quarter.

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Walking tour pick-up

What is better when your meeting site is right at the center of Hanoi attractions. Ly Thai To Garden was the place we met up as well as the first destination of the Free Walking Tour where the giant statue of King Ly Thai To stands spectacularly at the middle. It was 2 pm that we meet our sweet guests, a new married couple from Mexico.

The Old Quarter - the main component of the walking tour

Along the Sword Lake, we soon arrived at the beginning of the Old Quarter. Under the scorching sun of summer, our guests were still excited about the history lines of every streets we went past. The 48 Hang Ngang house was our first stop in the Old Quarter where we helped them understand more about the time when the French came and how we declared our independence.

walking tour Beer street in the Old Quarter

That was just a part of the modern history. The more we went into the Old Quarter, the further we found about the old Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. From the time Hanoi was set as the capital, when the citadel walls were built till the celebration of 1000 year Hanoi.

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The guests said they only had one day in Hanoi, so we tried to introduce to them the most particular things in this city. The husband was the one curious and would like to try everything. He bought a small pack of beef jerky at Hang Giay street where there's a store giving us a try of this dish. Whenever we passed by a special street or store, we always showed them and they never forgot to save the locations right away so that they can came back at the evening such as the beer street, a famous store of sticky rice, or the tradition egg coffee, etc.

walking tour Bot Hang Dau

French Quarter

Although we had walked a lot in the Old Quarter, sweat all poured down from our faces, we still kept ahead with our walking tour to the French Quarter to take a total look towards the center of this thousand year city. When the sun was coming down, it was time for us to say good bye, and story of the Opera House finished our half-day Walking Tour.

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