Free tour with students in Hanoi

Free tour
Free tour with student in Hanoi

Free tour is not only a culture exchange concept, a supportive factor for Vietnam tourism, but also a chance for students to experience a practical English environment.

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Picking up

This is my first tour, so I try to come to the pickup site 10 minutes earlier, but I have some troubles with the traffic jam, and I come there at 3.00 PM. My partner hasy come there 10 minutes earlier. Then, we wait for the guests about 25 minutes, and we start our free tour at 3.30 PM. Our guests are two pretty girls from America. One of them is a Vietnamese American girl; her Vietnamese name is Quynh Anh, and “Na” is her nickname. The other girl is Chinese American people. Her name (not very exact, it sounds like “Learyn”, and I call her Laeryn). Because it’s rainy, we have to borrow 2 umbrellas at the hotel and we start our journey.

Free tour
Students with tourists

During the free tour

Our first site of the free tour is the “Pho Nha Tho”. We take some photos there, then we enter the church to discover the things inside. On the way to Old Quarter, we talk a lot. Quynh Anh says she lived in Vietnam until the age of 7 when she came to America and lived there, so she can speak Vietnamese a little bit. The other girl used to live in China until the age of 6, then she moved to American too. They are friends. I take the pleasure to share the umbrella with Laeryn, so we share many things like our hobbies, our family. She says she is the only daughter in her family, and she like Conan detective like me, She also watches “Naruto” which I love most. I am surprised when She says that she is 28 years old. She looks so young and pretty. Now is working at New York city. She finds the traffic at the Old Quater scaring. She says it aloud (“ so scaring”) whenever we across the road. Our second destination is the House at 48 Hang Ngang where Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Dependence. We introduce some information about this House, It ‘s my first time, so I do this job not very well. After that, we go to see the White Horse temple at 76 Hang Buom, we talk to them about the story or the legend of the temple. They find it interesting.

Free tour
Students with tourists

We take a look at the Kim Ngan temple too. Then, we walk around to buy some food, because Laeryn wants to buy some Vietnamese special food for her relatives. Laeryn gets two packs of candy, she opens one of them and shares it. Laeryn also finds “Na” fruit interesting. She takes many pictures of it. It is also Quynh Anh’s nickname. Our last destination is Giang Coffee at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, because they want to try egg coffee. Laeryn tastes it and she feels good.

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After enjoying some drinks at Giang Coffee, we finish the free tour say goodbye to each other. They ask us if Vu and I want to call a taxi, They’d like to pay for us, but we deny. They are so kind. Then, they call a taxi to go to somewhere else. Vu and I go home. On the way to go home, it rains heavily and I am as wet as a drowned rat, but I feel so happy. It ‘s really a memorable experience in my youth.

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