Full-Day Tour of Pagodas and Handicraft Villages from Hanoi


Full-Day Tour of Pagodas and Handicraft Villages from Hanoi 1Highlights

  • Explore Vietnam’s culture through its pagodas and handicraft villages
  • Watch an artisan of Bat Trang form, paint, and glaze his ceramics
  • Discover the ancient art of wood block painting in Dong Ho village
  • Marvel at the famous Goddess of Mercy statue at But Thap Pagoda
  • Visit the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism at Dau Pagoda


Explore Vietnamese culture and traditional rural life during this full-day tour from Hanoi. Visit the pottery village of Bat Trang and the painting village of Dong Ho. Discover tranquil But Thap Pagoda and Dau Pagoda, the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam.


Discover the traditional handicrafts of Vietnam’s Bac Ninh province and visit 2 of Vietnam’s finest pagodas during this full-day tour from Hanoi.

Begin at the village of Bat Trang, famous for its thousand-year history of making the finest ceramic in Vietnam. Pay a visit to the village’s temple, then walk down narrow roads to a workshop where you’ll meet one of the famous artists of Bat Trang and view his artworks in each stage of their creation. Enjoy a class on throwing a pot on a potter’s wheel, then head to the market to admire beautiful ceramics by the village’s craftspeople.

After lunch, move on to Dau Pagoda, once the most important center of Buddhism in Vietnam. Here you’ll marvel at the 17-meter high Hoa Phong Tower, constructed in the 6th century. Then explore the magnificent Dau complex and its compartments as you wander through the incense-burning hall and main temple. Afterward, proceed to 13th-century But Thap Pagoda, one of the finest pagodas in all of Vietnam. The site is well-known for its rare woodcarvings and sculptures, particularly the stunning Goddess of Mercy statue.

Finally, head to the village of Dong Ho, famous for its folk paintings. These painstakingly crafted works feature typical Vietnamese scenes and figures created with local materials. Such pictures have been created here for at least 500 years, and are still popular throughout the country, especially during the lunar new year.