Most Beautiful Amusement Parks & Gardens in Hanoi

Most Beautiful Amusement Parks & Gardens in Hanoi
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If water and amusement parks are points of your interest, there are a number of relaxingly great spots in Hanoi for you to spend your time. This is a list of top 6 gardens and amusement parks in Hanoi has been given. Have a look at it and you can benefit from it.

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Ly Thai To Park

It is popularly known as Ly Thai To Flower Garden. Conveniently located opposite Hoan Kiem Lake, this is an ideal to wander around in the morning or late afternoon.

Location: Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Ly Thai To Park (via Báo Du lịch)

Lenin Park

Lenin park is not only merely an amusement park for locals and visitors but also a gentle reminder of a great hero supporting Vietnamese people in the struggle for freedom. It is a gathering place for locals to do exercise, play and so on. It would be nice to come here and marvel at the great statue of Lenin as well as enjoy relaxing moments and you will have a breather away from the hustle and bustle atmosphere.

Location: It is opposite to the Vietnam Military History Museum and located in Dien Bien Phu, Tran Phu and Hoang Dieu Street.

Thong Nhat Park

Take a 15-minute ride form Hoan Kiem Lake to Thong Nhat Park, you will reach a great spot for entertaining activities. Spreading over 50 hectares in Hai Ba Trung District, this well-known park, surrounded by uninterrupted green trees, lush grass and flower gardens has become an attractive place to obtain relaxing moments.

Address: 130B Le Duan Street, Hanoi

Thong Nhat Park (via Panoramio)

Botanical Gardens

To escape from the crowded streets, Botanical Gardens is an amazing place. Come here and see a lot of animals in cages, have a stroll around and breathe the fresh air or communicate with friendly local people.

Location: Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Hanoi

Thu Le Park

Being the home to 40 animal houses with 600 animals varying in more than 100 species, Thu Le Park is a wonderful spot for those being interested in seeing animals and enjoying beautiful surrounding scenery.

Location: Kim Ma Road, Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Thu Le Park (via Địa điểm vui chơi ở Hà Nội -

Westlake Water Park

Inaugurating on 19 May 2000, Ho Tay Water Park used to be a phenomenal at that time which was the first rank attraction in not only Hanoi but also Northern Vietnam. Huge amount of investment brings to this 35,560 m2 complex the most modern facility in the South East Asia at the time.

Among them are seven sliding lanes with the average height of 12 meters, of which two are high-speed lanes ever installed in Vietnam with the height of 14.5 meters. Visitors seeking for strong high surf don’t need to go to the seas because West Lake Water Park features a 3 meters depth wave-making pool with its waves of 1,2 meters high. Extreme experiences can be collected in a system of swinging ropes and diving pool of 3,5 meters in depth. For ones enjoy relaxing moment may lay on a buoy, then let the artificial currents of the 450 meters long “lazy-stream” drive around the park while sunbathing and sightseeing the poetic West Lake outside the complex.

Westlake Water Park (via Halo! VietNam)

Located right beside the water park is Moon Park with dozen of games for youngsters and kids vary from thrilling games like high-speed train, dropping down from height to games which are more appropriate for kids like driving carts, bubble house, or bumping cars. In here can also found Thang Long roller-coaster and the magnificent ferris wheel lifting ones to a height of 60 meters, offering the whole great view of the West Lake and part of Hanoi.

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