10 reasons to Hanoi as an ideal choice for backpacker

temple of literature
temple of literature

Cheap price, convenience to visit nearby attractions and Asian bold nature are reasons to make a female backpacker in Travelettes Group love Hanoi.

The Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter
Hanoi Old Quarter

In Hanoi, the old street still remain inside the modern capital. The old walls and temples appearing everywhere and the feeling of walking in the old town is the same as her imagination.

Perfect combination of traditional culture and backpackers

Hanoi has a large amount of temples, local markets, churches and beautiful lakes, so it will bring you many interesting cultural experiences. In addition, many hostels, nice coffee shops and restaurants near Hoan Kiem lake are available in here.

“Super cheap” prices

A big surprice for Annapuma when she comes to Hanoi is that everything is very cheap. She thinks that the price in Hanoi is reasonable. She paid 200.000VND for a comfortable room including breakfast and about 50.000VND for a meal.

The museum for women

Vietnam Women's Museum
Vietnam Women’s Museum

All members of Travelettes want to study about the life of local women. In Hanoi, Annapuma can explore in Vietnam Women’s Museum where you can learn about the women of different peoples, the way they fighted in the war as well as their modern lives. The purposes of this museum is not only preserving heritages of women but also promoting gender equality in society.
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A variety of delicious foods

Pho Hanoi
Pho Hanoi

Vietnam’s cuisine is famous all around the world. Hanoi is the best place for tourists to experience it with many delicious dishes such as Pho, spring roll and other streetfoods. Besides, many vegetarian restaurants are also impressive.

Markets everywhere

Hanoi is one of cities with abundant life on the street. Each alley in the Old Quarter is full of restaurants and other special products.

The best fashion shops in Southeast Asia

A fashion shop in Hang Non
A fashion shop in Hang Non

In Hanoi, you can find many cute fashion shops. The streets such as Hang Non sell many impressive clothes with cheap price.

Easy to visit nearby attractions

Hanoi is an ideal place in the north. Many tours to Halong or Sapa begin from here. In addition, tourists also go to Tam Coc or Mai Chau easily in day to explore Vietnamese rural life.


Long Bien market
Long Bien market

Annapurma is excited with bars opening overnight. She is also impressive with Long Bien market beginning form 1a.m.

An ideal place to begin or finish your Southeast Asia discovery

With many international airports and flights to neighboring countries, Hanoi is an ideal place to begin or finish your Southeast Asia discovery. To Annapurma, Hanoi is a beautiful, unique city in area.

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