Hanoi: Strengthen management in Soc Temple Festival

Soc Temple Festival
Soc Temple Festival

Soc Temple Festival 2016 in Soc Son (Hanoi) will be held from February 13th -15th, 2016 (January 6th -8th on Lunar calendar)

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The aims of Soc Temple Festival

Soc Temple Festival
Soc Temple Festival

The organization of Soc Temple Festival is to fully comply with UNESCO’s commitment to preserve and promote the values ​​at Temple Soc Giong festival – intangible cultural heritage; preserve and promote the value of special national relics, simultaneously introduce and promote the potential and strengths of Soc Son district to local and foreign tourists to develop the tourism in the district.

Soc Temple Festival takes place at 7:30 am on January 6th with incense at the Thuong Temple, drumming to begin the festival and reading oration.

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Activities in Soc Temple Festival

Soc Temple Festival
Soc Temple Festival

Soc Temple Festival also takes place many cultural and art activities, sports and folk games festival in the region such as Quan ho singing, martial arts performance, folk games, the opening ceremony of volleyball tournament …

The Organizing Committee will strengthen advocacy for people to strictly observe the rules such as not to burn incense inside the temple, do not put money in the original church ceremonies and other locations in places of worship, strictly prohibit the change of the exchange…

Especially this year, Soc Temple Festival will be managed more tightly. The authority will take measures to prevent negative activities at the festival, increase force to protect and support for the festival.

In addition, the Organizing Committee will strengthen the security and ensure safety on the routes in the surrounding area and the festival area; ensure the traffic and have plans to prevent traffic congestion during the festival.

In the holiday season of this year, the Organizing Committee does not allow sales in the protection zone of the monument 2 (previously only prohibiting sales in the protection zone 1) to ensure the sanctuary.