The reason to go to Hanoi in spring (P3)

The reason to go to Hanoi in spring (P3)
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If you are wondering whether to come in Hanoi in spring or not, the following 5 reasons will give you motivations.

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  1. Hanoi in Spring – festival season

Giong Festival Giong Festival

Numerous traditional festivals will be held to commemorate the legendary character and history such as Dong Da festival (January 5th) which is held in memory of the glorious achievements of King Quang Trung – outstanding hero in the history of the nation against the Chinese enemy, Soc Temple festival (January 6th -7th) which adores St. Giong – saint who expelled the An invaders, Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival (January 6th) to commemorate the merits of Hai Ba Trung launched uprising to dislodge the Eastern Han enemy, Co Loa Festival (January 6th – 8th) to commemorate Thuc An Duong Vuong – who was 18th Hung King…

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In particular, Huong Pagoda festival is festival which lasts longest in our country. Tourists come here not only to bless, but also for beautiful scenery and visit the place of majestic mountains and river as well as poetic and interesting caves.

Huong Pagoda festival Huong Pagoda festival

In addition, many village festivals in Hanoi suburbs would also be an attractive destination of tourists such as Thay Pagoda Festival, Tram gian Temple festival, Tay Phuong, Son Dong village festival (Hoai Duc), pottery village (Bat Trang), Van Phuc silk village (Ha Dong).