Hang Trong painting – A special feature of Tet in Hanoi

Hang Trong painting
Hang Trong painting

At the Hang Trong Street (Hanoi) there are many people produce folk painting, but mainly painting for worship (tiger, dragon, god, holy…).

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Hang Trong painting

Hang Trong painting
An artist of Hang Trong painting

They made by technical contours combining brushstrokes in black from the woodcut print with the hand coloring. Artists paint color by painting brush, paint and water, creating shimmering light and dark colors.

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The meaning of Hang Trong painting

Each folk painting carries a separate meaning and expressed angles of human mood. The most obvious is the picture of chicken flock, symbolizing for motherhood and crowded reunion. The painting of pig mother symbolizes for prosperity and livestock farmers scene.

Hang Trong painting
Hang Trong painting

Colorful and majestic rooster painting symbolizes for steadfast and indomitable willpower of men and also shows the 5 precious human virtues: Van (beauty – warts); Vu (tough – heel); Nhan (loving fellow – always share when earned bait); Dung (power – against the enemy); Tin (rightly clock daily). It is a beautiful and meaningful painting so the poet Doan Van Cu wrote the poem “Cho Tet” (Tet market):

“Lu tre con mai ngam buc tranh ga

Quen ca chi ben duong dang dung goi”

(The children are busy seeing the picture of chicken / Forgetting that their sister standing on roadside is calling).