Enjoy Che in Hanoi’s Winter (P1)

Enjoy Che in Hanoi's Winter

In the coldest weather of the year, enjoying a bowl of Che and feeling the warmth will be an exciting experience.

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You can try any kinds of Che such as green tea, cassava, green bean and black bean with the price from 15,000VND to 20,000VND after walking to discover Hanoi.

Green tea Che in Hang Tre street

Green tea Che with attracting color and unique favor has been the favorite food of many people long time ago.

Green tea Che 
Green tea Che

The restaurant attracts customers by the special favor of Che with ginger. The floating cake is covered by the green color of green tea, more attractive than the common white color in other restaurants.

The green bean and taro is pureed, add sugar and put into the cake. The flour is sticky mingled with the green bean or taro inside. The price for a bowl of Che is about 15,000 VND to 20,000VND.

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Cassava Che in Ly Quoc Su street

Cassava Che
Cassava Che

It is a familiar dish of local people in the cold winter days. The restaurant is located in Ly Quoc Su street and opens from 10 a.m to 12 a.m. The customers coming here are in different ages. They want to enjoy slowly in order to feel the warmth gradually spread throughout the body.