All You Need To Know When Traveling To Vietnam

All You Need To Know When Traveling To Vietnam
UPDATED: 12 Dec 2018 74 Views

Vietnam welcomes millions of international tourists each year and the number of tourists predictably increases year by year which emphasizes the positive signs for Vietnam tourism. For first-time travelers in Vietnam, Asia package travel would like to give you the basic Vietnam travel advice and hope that you will have the best time in Vietnam.

Overview of Vietnam

In the last decade, most of the international people had just stereotyped Vietnam as a poor and remote country in Asia. Thanks to the efforts of the Vietnamese government and the success of Vietnam renovation, Vietnam has magically turned itself as one of the fastest developing countries in the world that change the face of Vietnam’s economy, society and along with the trend of economic development, Vietnam tourism is quickly improving the conditions of infrastructure and services, that attracts millions of international tourists to visit Vietnam each year.

Vietnam has a long coast with many beautiful beaches and islands, the beaches in Vietnam has smooth and white sand and crystal-clear water which are very suitable for swimming, diving and doing activities on beaches. The mountainous regions are extremely green with the primitive lush forests which are home to much valuable flora and fauna. Besides the natural beauty, Vietnam is a rich cultural and traditional country where the traditional values of Vietnamese people are kept intact and well-preserved. There are a thousand museums in the country where you can come to learn the history and the outstanding features of the culture of Vietnam.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam

As you know above, the weather in Vietnam is split by region, so it is complicated to choose the best time to visit entire Vietnam in one time but nothing is impossible. It is completely possible to have a wonderful trip along the country, November to April is seen as the peak time to travel as this is when the whole country has the least amount of rain and the temperature is not too hot. Hence, if you want to see the best scenery in the single destination of the country, there are some periods of the year you would like to recommend to you; the best time to visit Halong Bay-the UNESCO World Heritage Site is from March to April, while the most beautiful time in Phong Nha-Ke Bang is between February and August, and the most gorgeous views you can see in the Mekong River Delta is from October to May.

What is the most enjoyable transportation to travel in Vietnam

Traveling by train in Vietnam is truly an exciting experience for international tourists when traveling in distant destinations in the country. The biggest advantage of this means of transportation is the reasonable price and safety, it is less expensive the airplane and safer than motorbike or bus. The train in Vietnam is still the traditional one with the rustic look and amenities, the train goes through many kinds of terrains along the length of the country such as mountains, forests, valleys, ocean, rustic villages, and busy cities which gives you the opportunities to enjoy Vietnam’s authentic natural vista. Traveling on a train is a great way to make friends with local people and have the gossips.  We promise that you will find many interesting pieces of information through the talks because your traveling fellows can be from the classes of society such as workers, students, tourists, etc.

Private cabin in Vietnam train Private cabin in Vietnam train

In some certain routes, the train is the most convenient way to travel to the targeted destination. For example, it is a smart choice to take an overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa, because the road remains rough and train provides the time-saving option to travel between the two. Or for short trips between Hue-Danang-Hoi An, traveling by train is worth considering. Spending three hours on Russian style train will expose you to breathtaking landscapes of mountains, and ocean. Don’t miss to take photos via the windows to save the best views on the way.

What to eat when traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam is praised as the kitchen of the world, so the cuisine of the country is extremely amazing. Thanks to the cultural exchange in years with other countries in the area as well as in the world in the different periods, Vietnam cuisine is the selective combination of other different cuisines, especially Chinese and French cuisine which are two most outstanding cuisines in the world. Besides the famous dish of Pho, there are more delicious dishes you have to try when visiting Vietnam such as Hue beef noodle, pancakes, bun cha, egg coffee, etc. It is really delicious!

Thanks to your consideration, Vietnam package travel has the chance to serve you the best tours in Vietnam as well as ASEAN regions for your tastes. If you need further information about tours or destinations, please directly contact us via our website. Thank you!