Hanoi Travel Guide

Hanoi travel guide

If you have time to travel hanoi, our website will provide useful information for you through Hanoi travel guide part such as some best- seller tours, what to do and travel tips as well as attractive places in Hanoi. I think that our hanoi travel guide will not disappointed.

If you are wondering whether to come in Hanoi in spring or not, the following 5 reasons will give you motivations. >>The reason to go to...

Nightclub is one of the best place to enjoy vibrant nightlife in Hanoi. Read on to discover top 5 the most famous and popular nightclubs in Hanoi.

Hanoi is a crowded, noisy city. There are several beautiful parks and exciting activities that you can enjoy with your family if you need to escape the chaos!
Getting from Hanoi to Sapa by bus

Sapa is a one of Vietnam’s most popular destinations but with no nearby airport, so the easiest ways for getting there is to travel by...
Hoan Kiem Lake

Location: Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the center of Hanoi. Characteristic: Hoan Kiem Lake also called Lake of the Restored Sword. The name Lake...
Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi (P2)

Hanoi isn’t the best place to be a vegetarian, especially for street food, but if you are a vergen or even want to try these dishes, here are some excellent vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi you can go.
Tasting Vietnamese Banh Duc

Banh Duc (plain rice flan) is the most popular in the north and it is considered one of the most rustic and simple cakes in Hanoi cuisine.
Things to do in Hanoi at weekends

>>Things to do in Hanoi at weekends (P1) Hang Buom Food Street If you are looking for a location for your relaxing weekends, the food street...

During your trip in Hanoi, reward yourself with relaxing and comfortable moments at top spas and massages is definitely an ultimate experience. Indulge in great spa experience with magic hands, soak up beautiful and enjoy great drink and tea – this is a daydream that spas in Hanoi offer their customers. If spas are your interest, have a look at the below top 10 spas in Hanoi.
Things to do in Hanoi at weekends

There’s nothing more wonderful when wandering in the streets in Hanoi to mix with bustling atmosphere of Hanoians and enjoy the variety of food...
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