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Hanoi is an eclectic mix of east and west, with its colonial architecture rubbing shoulders with 1,000-year-old Vietnamese history. Travel in Hanoi shows a dynamic city with rapid growth in population and wealth in recent years while still retaining an old-fashioned romantic charm.

Hanoi’s beautiful architecture, wide tree-lined avenues and parks are home to a million stories, which you can see reflected in the city’s vibrant, flourishing arts scene and incredible past.

Our Hanoi Travel Specialists can proffer the best advice and ideal advice for you using expertise that can only be garnered from living, working and playing in their home: Hanoi.

Hanoi currently has over 4,000 monuments and landscapes, in which over 1000 national monuments and landscapes is ranked (hundreds of monuments and landscapes newly merged from Ha Tay and Me Linh) with hundreds of temples, pagodas, architectural structures and other famous landscapes. Hanoi is a big center of tourism in Vietnam. There are many tours in Hanoi. Visitors have opportunities to explore many cultural structures and art of building over many generations, during the construction and development of country. The scenic beauty and charm of nature; the craft villages existed for hundreds of years; the traditional festival – cultural product crystallized many spiritual values… will be attractive tourism products.