Bringing A Savannah Kitten Home

Savannah cats are known for having a dog like personality and of course a lot of energy. Next step when bring your savannah kitten home.

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Due to their size they tend to weigh up to 25 pounds at full growth.

Bringing a savannah kitten home. Bringing your kitten home. In reality Savannah kittens are. It is very important to note that quick changes in diet can cause your new kitten to become ill specially the first month after arriving home.

We raise healthy well socialize top quality Savannah kittens with over 26 years. Many have stated that Savannah cats are wild and dangerous but a big part of that probably lies in the lack of knowledge and information some owners may have before bringing this cat home. Bringing your new kitten home is an exciting time indeed.

The fifth need is you the owner that provides for all of this and more which is what causes them to thrive. We accept checks and credit cards. Savannah kittens can be charming and lovable but also exhausting.

There is always training to do with any new animal that is brought into the home. It may take a little time for your new baby to become acclimated to hisher new home. Starting with a quarantine period as described above is always a.

Being hybrids Savannah cats can live a long time and there isnt a lot known about what health conditionsif anytheyre prone to though they can be susceptible to common feline ailments. Savannah kittens are ready to be picked up around 9 to 11 weeks of age. When you first bring your new baby home it is best to quarantine himher in a small room of your house without other pets around.

Any advice on bringing Savannah kitten or Bengal kitten home. Before bringing your new Savannah baby home there are a few things you should do to prepare. The second reason is that the kitten needs to be kept in a small room where it.

Savannah Cats can live 12-20 years depending on heritage from the Serval Cat. If there are other cats in the household it is always a good idea to keep them separated until you are assured that the new kitten is not going to succumb to such an event. You cant be fully prepared until it happens and the early days will be a flurry of activitygetting to know one another snuggling and adapting your lives to your new family member.

After you bring your new kitten home you MUST transition to the new food very slowly over the course of 2-3 weeks. The happiness and satisfaction that our kittens have brought into our lives is profound. Leaving their familiar environment siblings and the human family they have known all at the same time is a considerable.

To place a hold on one of our Savannah kittens you must put down a deposit of 10 of the purchase price. Savannah kitten care for your new baby means quarantine. Bringing home a new Savannah cat is a little like bringing home a baby.

They can live between 1220 years so when you bring home a Savannah youre bringing home a friend for life. At first your new kitten should stay in a small room away from any other pets. Because Savannah kittens are high energy cats and are very curious you will have to keep a close eye on them for quite some time.

This is a dream come true for us. Many times they will come out look around and run back in. Bringing Home Your Savannah Kitten Monday October 31 2011.

Savannah cats are known as friendly and are dependable family-friendly cats. Each kitten will transition differently from the breeders to their new home. Bringing your new kitten home.

A little preparation can make for a smooth transition helping everyone bond more quickly. Weight is depends on individual bloodlineWe have produced SAVANNAH CATS that weigh the same with no wild blood. Patience is the key to any type of training.

Adrienne Kruzer BS RVT LVT has worked with a variety of animals for over 15 years including birds of prey reptiles and small mammals. When your Savannah kitten first arrives we recommend you have a small room ready for himher such as a bathroom where your kitten cant hide under anything where food water and litter box are all readily accessible and allow. When grown Savannah cats do best in larger living spaces and are easy to train.

During the car ride Kayode liked watching cars go by from his perch on the dash. The First 30 Days With Your New Kitten. When your ready to introduce the kitten to your home leave the bathroom door open and allow them to venture out on their own terms.

Getting a new kitten is an exciting time. It can easily find its food water litter and get to know you that way. Settling Your Savannah Kitten into Their New Home.

You may have been anticipating getting a kitten for some time or you might have not even known a kitten was about to join. Our Savannah kittens are looking for loving homes. This is very normal.

This is also your time to bond with your new fur baby. Savannah kittens are powerful energetic and independent even at an early age. The Savannah Cat is taller thinner framed and longer bodied than the most domestic cats.

We got a cute f3 savannah cat. It is important not to overwhelm your new Savannah kitten immediately up arrival to your home. Like any cat a Savannah cat a has a minimum of four basic needs – eat sleep play and poop.

Before the day arrives we suggest having a plan preparing her space and taking a few simple step to assure your kittens transition to her new home is a. Kitten-proofing is an absolute necessity before bringing a Red Rock Savannah kitten home. Taking your Savannah for a walk with a proper harness and leash playing fetch or simply letting them chase a feather wand are some ways to stimulate your kitten and dont forget that some Savannahs love WATER.

Many Savannah kittens will pop out of their carriers into a new home as though they have always lived there. It is important to clarify boundaries and establish routine with Savannahs while introducing them into your home. Sharing with others what our kittens have done for us is exactly what drives our mission here at Alpha Savannah kittens home.

Others will take more time to warm up to their new environment. Savannahs are not lap cats and even if the later generations of Savannahs may be legally considered domestic cats they still require a unique kind of care that is different from most. I have spent the past eight weeks discovering the best ways.

Regal1 specializing in the Savannah cat and Egyptian Mau Breed is here to support you before and after you adopt a Savannah kitten or Egyptian Mau kitten from us. Your Savannah Kitten At Home. This body type gives the illusion of more weight.

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